About Us

At Bar Pool Tables Inc. We strive to make each coin operated pool table look and play the best it can for its age and condition.

A few of the services we provide are:

    • Install new pocket liners and gully boots
    • Wire brush the rail trim and feet and repaint them silver
    • Clean the legs and repaint them black
    • Install new coin mechanisms, set for free push, or free play only
    • Install new wood and rubber rails
    • Clean throughout the whole table
    • Install new hardware (rail bolts, leg bolts, t-plates)
    • Install new cloth
    • Wood fill and re-stain gouges,¬†scratches and holes
    • Test the cue ball return, ball gate and gully system
    • Install new locks in the coin mechanism door, ballview door, and cleanout door
    • Replace plexiglass when needed

Contact Information

Phone: 847-372-8477
Email: randy@barpooltables.net

Located in North Carolina