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Table #090116

Table Number: Table #090116

Table Size: 8'

Overall Table Dimensions:

  • Length: Test 8
  • Width: Test 8
  • Depth: Test 8
  • Room Size: Test 8
*Room Size assumes that you are using a 57" pool que

Price: $700

Tasks Completed

  • New Championship ProAM Tournament green cloth|New Pocket Liners and Gully Boots|New Locks throughout|New Penguin (Wood and Rubber) rails (Retails $165)|I am a player and I check the rails to see the quality of play and it seems to be very good. This is a great garage pool table. Hence that is why I am selling it for 700 bucks.|The non-coin operated side has a 2 foot portion of laminate gone in the particleboard is exposed. We painted it brown and looks OK. This table was on its side for many years in the wood got moisture buildup in the top real buckled.